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"His acrylic paintings sparkle with strong colours. From a distance, his gardens look lifelike enough, but up close everything breaks up into a lively and intricate pattern of brushstrokes, Regina Haggo writes." Hamilton Spectator


James Gummerson is a Hamilton based artist who has devoted the majority of his life to drawing and painting. He is currently represented by Earls Court Gallery, Summer & Grace gallery and his art has been displayed in major galleries across Canada including The Art Gallery Of Hamilton, The Focus Gallery Hamilton, The McNaught Gallery and many others. He has won numerous awards including winning the 2014 landscape excellence award at AIRS.

Over the years his work has been featured in major publications such as the Hamilton Spectator, The Silhouette, McMaster Magazine and BARC (The Bay area Restoration Council) Blog.
He is a respected teacher of Art at Mohawk College, and is appreciated by many children he teaches throughout the public school system.  He continues to travel throughout Canada and spends most of his time painting in and around Hamilton and the Niagara Escarpment where he lives with his wife and 2 children.

-Artist Statement

In my current work, I explore the urban landscape and its relationship with nature. The paintings hope to show our deep need for naturalistic surroundings regardless of concrete and steel and show how nature penetrates even the most dense of concrete jungles. I love to show the back alley’s canopy of overgrown bushes and weeds. The wildflowers growing out of cracks in the walkways, and how trees surround the entire landscape. As in other paintings of my past, I continue to explore the relationship between nature and human existence.

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