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  • James Gummerson

"COOTES" An exploration into urban nature

My most recent show entitled "COOTES" is an exploration into what I would describe as urban nature. The show contained paintings focusing on a large nature reserve in Hamilton poignantly named “COOTES PARADISE”. The area has gone through many vicissitudes of decay and regeneration. Its past is scarred with destructive irrigation, and urban pollution as well the destruction of the eco-system from invasive species. In recent years, thanks to the Royal Botanical Gardens and the City of Hamilton, the area has under gone dramatic regrowth and regeneration, and is beginning to flourish as a beautiful eco-system. Signs that the area is coming back are everywhere such as a bald eagle who has made her home there (rarely seen in Ontario), as well many other species of birds and wildlife that have made their home once more in Cootes.

The show held at the Focus Gallery in Hamilton was seen by many people and helped to solidify my role as an artist in the region. I'd like to thank all who came out to see the gallery and the show and to all those who purchased pieces from the collection.

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